The cost of services and doing business in the city of Eastpointe is represented on the city's fee schedule.  The fee schedule is updated on an annual basis to reflect the true cost of service.  The city is a public entity, and as such, does not profit from doing business. 

See the 2023 Fee Schedule here

Payment Options

Application fees may be paid online, in-person, by mail, or placed in the dropbox outside of City Hall. Checks must be made payable to the "City of Eastpointe". Applicants may use one check to pay multiple planning department fees.


Planning Department staff accepts applications and enters information into the BS&A database.  This activity then generates an invoice.  The applicant takes the invoices across the hall to the Treasurer's Department.   The Treasurer's Department accepts payment by check, cash or credit card.   Credit card payments are subject to a 3% processing fee by the financial institution.

Mail or Dropbox

Applications received are reviewed by the Planning Department for completeness and accuracy. Applicants are contacted if  the application or fee submitted require adjustment.

Fees may be paid online when applications are created and submitted through the City of Eastpointe BS&A online system.  The applicant may need staff assistance in setting up an account in BS&A.  Note, the applicant's BS&A log-in information is the same contact information provided to staff.  Applications submitted are reviewed by staff and applicant is notified if fee adjustments are required.  Payments submitted online are subject to a 3% processing fee by the financial institution.

City of Eastpointe's BS&A Online Portal