Arts & Cultural Diversity Commission

Current Members: 

Name Position  Contact  Term
Alysa Diebolt Chair  Appointed: 7/2018
Term Expiration: 7/1/2020
Brandon Habermas Vice Chair/Secretary Appointed: 7/2018
Term Expiration: 7/1/2021
Christopher Charron Historian Appointed: 7/2018
Term Expiration: 7/1/2021
April Brozowski Member Appointed: 7/2018
Term Expiration: 7/1/2020
Joyce Lalonde Member Appointed: 7/2018
Term Expiration: 7/1/2021
Matthias Krenzer Member Appointed: 7/2018
Term Expiration: 7/1/2022
Megan Wilson Member  Appointed: 
Term Expiration: 7/1/2020
Langston Moore Member    Appointed: 6/2021
Term Expiration: 7/1/2022
Vacant     Appointed:
Term Expiration:
Danielle Pomaville  Staff Liaison  
Sarah Lucido Council Liaison  


The objectives and purposes of the arts and cultural diversity commission shall be to enrich the city with arts and cultural diversity in the following manner: 

1. Promoting arts and cultural initiatives in the public areas of the city and other locations; 

2. Recommending, developing and implementing city-wide programs and events which provide community access to the performing and creative arts, including those which celebrate cultural diversity; 

3. Enlisting the active support of interested individuals, businesses, industry, the schools and civic organizations that would share the same objectives; 

4. Working with local, state and federal agencies to take advantage of available resources, including funding, and 

5. Actively sponsoring, planning and staffing appropriate programs. 

Review the full Ordinance


Members are appointed by the Mayor, subject to the approval of a majority vote of the Council. 


Members appointed shall serve for a term of three years. 


Second Monday of the Month at 7:00 p.m. at the Patriot Building in Spindler Park 
Meetings are currently being conducted virtually, pursuant to the City of Eastpointe Resolution No. 21-1920, that allows for meetings to be conducted remotely due to the hardships imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
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