City Manager Mariah Walton
P: 586-445-3661

Ms. Mariah Walton graduated from Michigan State University with her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology. She then received Master’s in Public Administration from Grand Valley State University. She began her career in public management in Eastpointe as the Assistant to the City Manager for Human Resources and Purchasing

She quickly rose through the ranks becoming the Assistant City Manager in February 2021. Because of her exemplary work, as Assistant City Manager, Ms. Walton was appointed as Acting City Manager of Eastpointe, Michigan in December 2021 after Mrs. Elke Doom left the city. 

After interviewing for the City Manager position the beginning of May 2022, Ms. Walton accepted the position at the end of May. 

You may contact the Office of the City Manager by calling 586-445-3661 or by email at