City of Eastpointe Water Meter Upgrade

The City of Eastpointe is having the water meters upgraded. The current contract SLC Meter will being the water meter upgrade program. They will be replacing  the existing Aclara transmitters that were installed in every home approximately 10-12 years ago. 

What's going to Happen

The existing water meters will remain in place. The register is replaced with the new Badger HRD-LCD model that is compatible with the new HLA transmitters. 

How does it work

These units take a read from the meter every 15 minutes then send a transmission 4 times a day. The transmissions are like text messages that are sent on  LTE-E (machine to machine) network that last less than 3 seconds.

Please see link and picture below for more details. The link does not list the LTE -E  frequencies  they operate on, it is part of the same cellular network  as cell phones. Also the mobile back up listed is not available with the HLA endpoint. 

For further questions or information, please contact Badger Meter.

ORION Cellular LTE-M Endpoint (low res)